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            1. Project cooperation

              Liaoyuan Silver Eagle Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. founded more than 20 years ago, has been adhering to the principle of quality first, customer first product quality and service, and established a quality system in line with the international and domestic first-class standards.

              At the same time, as the country has been attaching more importance to environmental protection year by year, Liaoyuan Yinying Pharmaceutical has been adhering to the concept of environmental protection for many years, and has completed environmental protection renovation in all workshops and expanded the company's three waste treatment capacity.Meet the challenge of the strictest environmental supervision.

              At present, the company has perfect project undertaking capacity, from small test research and development, to commercial batch production, with perfect laboratory conditions and pilot workshop, commercial batch workshop, can meet the different requirements of customers project conditions.

              Contact for the project
              • Project Director

                Li Lankun:18701200599

              • Project Director

                Wang Pixian:18611488940


              Introduction to existing projects